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Effect of Blast Load on Structure

Author : Sumit R. Bhagawat 1 Prof. Prakash Patil 2

Date of Publication :10th June 2020

Abstract: The terrorist activity are increases day by day specially in our country the effect of blast load are serious damage are causes for designing the process. Discuss the technique to minimized the blast on structure. The blast load are dynamic load which are need to calculate a properly wind load, seismic load, etc. Effecting the blast load are study and understands that improved the better technique in structure. To get a less effect after blast the design the blast load with the help of (IS4991-1968)as well as scale time v/s actual time, scale distance v/s actual distance, displacement v/s time velocity v/s time. The main objective is that to study the loading condition under the blast load . After the blast high amount of explosion should be accurate get large blast effect to control to good technique in design as well as structure the modeling by giving a blast load is done in sap2000 the load is applied as a blast load time triangular function to the structure .the some of major effect of explosion are causes such as overpressure, thermal effect ,energy projectile ,debris damages, cratering and ground shock . the main objective is that study the elucidate on blast building design theories, The improving the building security against the effect of explosive in the process of structural design and the techniques in design that should be carried out.

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