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FEA Analysis of the Knee Joint, During Knee Flexion Movement

Author : Richa Rai 1 Prof. Vikas Rastogi 2

Date of Publication :12th September 2020

Abstract: Dimensional model of the knee joint was constructed or built by using “Mimics” software, Only used MRI scan, 2 Dimensional images (DICOM), to create a model of the knee joint. Which only includes Femur and Tibia, for the soft tissues of the knee, require CT scan images, which was not easy to get in this time, so trying to review the paper based on previous work. This paper is all about the basic knowledge of bio mechanics and useful to interpret and realization of forces act on tibia and femur, and anatomy of knee joint (beneficial for non-biological background people). In this paper, trying to discuss Dynamic (Explicit) analysis Ansys software) of knee joint, at different Q angles and free landing of knee on ground.

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