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Modular Design: a sustainable solution to seasonal flooded areas

Author : Muhammed Sooraj S V 1 2

Date of Publication :14th October 2020

Abstract: Problem with ever-increasing population has been for an affordable dwelling solution. The situation is even worse, if the areas are seasonally flooded. One such example is Munroe Island, Kerala. Here, due to heavy loads, conventional Reinforce Cement Concrete (RCC) structures are found to undergo settlement in short span of time. Due to poor bear strength of the soil, added with seasonal floods, the people in these areas are abandoning their lands and migrating. However, this is not possible for everyone, and they find it hard to leave their native land. For the economically weaker sections, it is not a feasible option to buy another land somewhere and migrate. This is supposed to benefit the common, economically weaker section in these area, enabling them to reside in their native land.

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