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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Performance Enhancement of MIMO-MC-CDMA Systems by Employing Various Diversity Combining Techniques

Author : Mr.A.Chandra Shaker 1 N. Sravanthi 2

Date of Publication :28th December 2020

Abstract: Wireless communication is a system of transferring data from single point to other, without using similar wires, cables or any physical medium. In this paper, plain (MC-CDMA) scheme is implemented and the presentation in expressions of (BER) is achieved. The theoretical performance of the MC-CDMA scheme is also calculated and related using the simulated presentation to verify the accuracy of the system. Then, the MIMO systems are implemented and passed through the MCCDMA system with multiple input multiple output (MISO) antenna diversity and SIMO(single input multiple output) in the Rayleigh flat fading channel. The combination of MIMO and MC-CDMA scheme is named as MIMO-MC-CDMA system. By the side of the receiver, the acknowledged signals of MIMO-MC-CDMA system are united in the frequency domain in command to assemble the complete acknowledged signal energy spread on dissimilar subcarriers 7assuming flawless channel state information (CSI). The combining schemes used are the maximum ratio combining (MRC 1X2) with MIMO-MC-CDMA scheme, equal gain combining (8EGC 1X2) with MIMO-MC-CDMA system, (MMSE 2X1) with the MIMO-MC-CDMA system, maximum likely hood combining (MLD 2x1,MLD 2x2) with MIMO-MC-CDMA system then the performance of these combining schemes will be measured with respect to the SISO-MC-CDMA systems at the receiver. The MLD (2x1) is combined with MLD (2x2).

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