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Feasibility Study of Using Rice Straw Ash as A Construction Material in Concrete

Author : Amanpreet kour Bali 1 Dr. Harwinder Singh 2

Date of Publication :17th March 2021

Abstract: Globalization and Industrialization has changed the scenario of construction industry .The increasing demand of construction material has indirectly caused exploitation of natural material and environmental pollution. The use of agricultural byproducts after burning, grinding and sieving in concrete has been employed as an alternative of cement and fine aggregates. In this research experimental study was made on the effects of using Rice Straw Ash as a replacement of cement and fine aggregates in concrete. M20 Grade of concrete was prepared. The OPC 43 grade cement and fine aggregates were replaced at a replacement level of 0%, 9%, 12% and 15%. Physical, strength and durability properties of concrete incorporated with Rice Straw Ash as a partial replacement of cement and fine aggregates were analyzed after 28 days of curing. The test results showed that work ability and carbonation depth of concrete decreased with the increase in percentage of Rice Straw Ash while as compressive strength, flexural strength and abrasion resistance increased with the incorporation of Rice Straw Ash. Finally it was concluded that concrete incorporated with Rice Straw Ash as a replacement of cement gave more pronounced results as compared to fine aggregates.

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