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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Geopolymer Concrete Subjected to Elevated Temperature: A Review

Author : Lakshmi N H 1 Dilip Srinivas 2 Dr. N Suresh 3

Date of Publication :18th February 2021

Abstract: In this paper will go through the various topics like alkaline activator content, various materials used for the production of geopolymer concrete, durability, mechanical properties, fresh properties and microstructure of the geopolymer concrete. This shows the positive response than normal concrete, so the usability of geopolymer concrete has more impact on coming generation towards greener environment than normal concrete. Because ordinary Portland cement emits high amount of carbon dioxide than geopolymer concrete. During any unpredictable situations like blast, fire , explosion etc. the geopolymer concrete has higher resistance till 4000c shows positive response to the strength compared to normal concrete. Hence the usability of geopolymer concrete may possess higher impact on coming up generation.

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