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Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Rainfall Variations in Meenachil Basin

Author : Jyothi Elizabeth V 1 2

Date of Publication :7th April 2021

Abstract: This paper investigates the monthly, seasonal and annual rainfalls in the Meenachil Basin in Kerala using the data for the period, 2000 to 2019. The data from three rain gauge stations at Teekoy, Kozha and RRII, Puthupally, located in the highland, midland and lowland of the basin respectively, have been used for the study of spatial and temporal rainfall variations. It is found that the annual rainfall in the highland and midland show increasing trends, whereas a decreasing trend is observed in the lowland. It is a matter of concern that the slope of its trend line for highland is nine times that of midland. The South-West and North-East monsoons contribute to nearly 62% and 20% of the annual rainfall respectively. The average annual rainfall for this basin during the period of study is calculated by the Theisson polygon method using QGIS software and is obtained as 3216.5 mm, which is more than the normal rainfall of Kottayam as per IMD.

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