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Experimental Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Cementious Composites by Incarporation of MWCNTS and Nano-Al2O3

Author : R.B.Khadiranaikar 1 A.M.Hunashyal 2 Sayed Abdulmuqtadir Quadri 3 N.R. Banapurmath 4

Date of Publication :3rd May 2021

Abstract: The contemporary building sector intensively depends on the cement based material. As compared to the previous times, the demand for the progress of the new infrastructure is at hike; moreover it demands the construction of efficient, sustainable, and durable building materials. Based on the worldwide screening report, it is apparent that Nanotechnology and Nano materials can intensively affect the material at nano scale which in turn effects the properties at micro and macro level leading to development of cementious composites with improved properties such as mechanical performance, durableness, resistance to brittle failure, ability to resist crack, etc. In the present experimental work a set of cementious composites were incorporated with MWCNTS and their percentage was fixed to 0.75% by weight of cement, while a set of specimens were incorporated with 3wt% Al2O3 nanopowder and a composition with combination of both 0.75wt% of cement MWCNTs and 3wt% of cement Al2O3 nanopowder. Dispersion of both MWCNTS and Al2O3 nanopowder was done using ultrasonic sonicator. These specimens were tested for compression and flexure and their mechanical properties such as Compressive strength, Flexural strength, Toughness and Ductility, Indirect tensile strength were evaluated and these properties were compared with that of plain cement control beams. Microstructure of composite was also assessed using SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy).From the study it was concluded that there was improvement in mechanical properties and microstructure of the composites.

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