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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Comparative Study between Circular and Rectangular Elevated Service Reservoirs on varying Staging Heights along with Dynamic Analysis

Author : Chaman Mamtani 1 R.V.R.K Parasad 2

Date of Publication :6th May 2021

Abstract: Water tank is a structure used to store water for supplying to households as drinking purpose, for industries as a coolant and irrigational water for agricultural farming in some areas. Elevated water tanks are constructed in order to provide required head so that the water will flow under the influence of gravity. In this paper, an extensive computational study has been conducted to find out the performance of structural elements of elevated water tank under wind force. Since these struc¬tures have large mass concentrated at the top of slender supporting structure, these structures are especially vul¬nerable to horizontal forces due to wind. Finite element models of 8 elevated water tanks have been analyzed in software. After the completion of the analysis a comparative study is carried out with respect to moments, shear stresses of base slabs and axial load variation of the columns with different staging heights.

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