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Comparison of Concrete and Steel Quantity between Elevated Services Reservoirs with Circular and Rectangular Tanks of Varying Capacities on Different Heights

Author : Chaman Mamtani 1 R.V.R.K Parasad 2

Date of Publication :6th May 2021

Abstract: The time is coming when there is a need to preserve and store water. At such times is very much important of develop cost effective ways for storing and distributing water. The water stored in overhead water tanks can be distributed to the nearby areas without pumping. The cost effectiveness of the overhead storage water tanks depends majorly on the quantity of the concrete and steel required for the construction of the tank. In this research paper, the concrete and steel quantity for circular and rectangular shaped overhead water tanks of capacities 5 lakh litres, 10 lakh litres, 15 lakh litres and 20 lakh litres on staging heights 15 m, 18m, 21 m and 24 m is compared. The quantities are represented in the tables and the comparison is made through graphs.

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