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Design and Comparision of Mixed mode Solar Dryer with and without using Phase Change Material

Author : Nair Anjali 1 Subarna Maiti 2 Avdhoot Jejurkar 3

Date of Publication :11th May 2021

Abstract: Drying is carried on for preservation of food items since ages. Industries normally use its 60% of energy Supply to dry Food items. Solar dryers can be a good replacement. This paper represents mixed mode type of dryer for theoretical and experimental evaluation of removing of moisture from raw Banana using phase change material (paraffin wax) as thermal storage system. Mix mode dryer include FPC which contains PCM chamber in it. Phase change material has been used to achieve performance of dryer even during off shine hours. Experiment was performed on the dryer and data was collected for no load condition, loaded condition, using PCM wax as well as without using PCM material. The phase change material used here is 7 Kg paraffin wax. Drying rate was seen 0.8 g/h without using PCM while with PCM it was 1.5 g/h, even during evening time when sun radiation was absent. Heat utilization Factor was seen average 0.8 in presences of PCM, while it was seen average 0.5 without using PCM.

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