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Application of Sentinel 2 Data for Extraction of Flood Inundation Along Ganga River, Bihar

Author : Manisha Kashyap 1 C.M. Bhatt 2 Prof. J. S. Rawat 3 Krunal Suthar 4

Date of Publication :11th May 2021

Abstract: Flood inundation mapping is one of the most important and essential step to understand the intensity of the natural disaster. The Sentinel 2 satellite providing fine spatial resolution and frequent revisit capabilities makes it potential for accessing imageries and monitor the changes in flood water. The spectral water index methods: Normalized Difference Water Index (NDWI) and Modified Normalized Difference Water Index (MNDWI) were used to delineate the inundated areas. Threshold values were used to separate the water from the non water surface. The error matrix table and calculation of the Producer Accuracy (PA), User Accuracy (UA) and Overall Accuracy (OA) identified the amount of falsely classified pixels into another feature. For the post flood event, MNDWI 1 yield better results with the highest Kappa and Overall Accuracy (OA) while the pre flood period NDWI had the better accuracy. The optimum thresholds for all the different indices differ in every index for both pre and post flood occurrences.

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