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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Kinematics Analysis of the Industrial Robotic Arm Mechanism

Author : Mani Sanguri 1 Saurabh Singh 2

Date of Publication :12th May 2021

Abstract: Robotic Manipulators are very powerful systems used in almost all industries today to perform different tasks much more precisely and effectively than a human can. One such robotic manipulator is the robotic arm mechanism that is heavily used in all industries, especially the manufacturing industries, due to their greater efficiencies and safer alternatives to humans. For performing the tasks, the most important consideration is getting the gripper of the robotic arm to a required position and orientation. The aim here is to perform the kinematic analysis of the robotic arm mechanism by modeling the forward and inverse kinematics of the arm mechanism. The designing of the movement flow plan and the evaluation of the DH parameter is done for calculating the desired position and orientation of the end effector. Here, the forward kinematics is easy to model, but the inverse kinematics modeling will involve the use of the traditional methods that include the DH notations, transformations, iterations, etc.

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