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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Analysis on BTMS in Ev by Li-Ion 18650 Battery Using Matlab Software

Author : R. K .Shanmugha Akshay 1 S.Nandakumar 2 Dr.N.Prakash 3

Date of Publication :31st July 2021

Abstract: An investigation is performed in Analysis on BTMS in EV by li-ion 18650 battery using MATLAB software. The EV are very equal to normal IC engine due to evergreen and to avoid pollution the BTMS play an important role in EV mobility to avoid more amount of heat produced by the EV battery system and the BTMS is main for the safety purpose of the vehicle and the passengers, So the electric vehicle needs more cooling to their batteries. Many ways of cooling are processed Our work is to reduce the time duration each vehicle by the amount of power or load act on the vehicle the time will varied the lithium-ion battery is used as it has more efficiency and have more capacity. Our result proved This work is done by the active cooling by liquid cooling process by Direct cooling method the tesla S model 18650 battery is taken for the analysis purpose the BTMS software is developed in a closed loop type as its have a number of subsystem and by saturation level is denoted by the time values where the input is given by a constant temperature of 30℃ by using Simulink and Sims cape in MATLAB simulation software

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