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Parametric optimization of Seal groove for Brake Caliper of an ATV

Author : Chaitanya Sonalkar 1 Sarthak Vora 2

Date of Publication :31st July 2021

Abstract: For any vehicle, safety of the driver is paramount thus there is a need to design and fabricate a safe and reliable braking system. Design of seal groove in the brake caliper significantly influences the braking performance. The deformation of the brake seal during the movement of piston affects the squeezing force, hence the sealing properties of the oil seal and the drag torque, which acts as a resisting force against the motion of the vehicle. One of the major drawbacks of using a floating type is the drag torque. Hence, improper design of the seal groove geometry can lead to problems such as friction losses, excessive pad wear, noise and vibrations. This paper focuses on optimising the three parameters, i.e., the Corner-break angle, Bottom angle and the Front angle to reduce drag torque and maximize piston retraction for a single piston floating type custom brake caliper.

Reference :

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    2. Rafael Tobajas, Elena Ibarz and Luis Gracia, “A comparative study of hyper elastic constitutive models to characterize the behaviour of a polymer used in automotive engines” 2nd International Electronic Conference on Materials, May 2016

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