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Design & Fabrication of Sugar Cutting Machine

Author : Prof. N. B. Dhamane 1 Nilkanth Taware 2 Atul Sonwane 3 Suraj Mukke 4 Sachin Panchal 5

Date of Publication :13th August 2021

Abstract: India is an agricultural country, In which 70% people are farmers. As, the population of India is growing, the demand of food is also increasing. Therefore, we should try to bring more land under cultivation. Under these circumstances, we are in need of fast cutting process instead of traditional cutting methods. In past, agri-related activities were taken care by means of manual force. But now a days in most parts of our country there is scarity of labours; hence labours are not available when required. So the labour cost is increased as for cutting of sugarcanes only skilled labours are required. To minimize the labour cost and to get work done in minimum, time at cheap cost we have designed “SUGARCANE CUTTER’. It is simple in construction. It does not need skilled labour.

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