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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Design and Development of Concentrated Solar Collector with Thermal Storage

Author : Rajat Singh 1 Prajwal Dhake 2 Ria V Pillay 3 Yogeshwar Gurav 4 Prof. Rohit Polas 5

Date of Publication :13th August 2021

Abstract: In present world as we notice increasing demand of Fossil Fuel and its adverse effect on increasing Global Warming, has caused many risks to Mankind. For Sustainable Development and to reduce risks to Human Being an alternative is important. Natural resources are one of those Alternatives. As we Know Solar energy is abundant in nature and can be used for Industrial needs like Thermal energy creation. So, It has been proposed with the idea of Concentrated Solar Collector with Thermal Storage. One such Concept for using solar energy is Concentrated Solar Power. Solar energy is concentrated with the help of reflectors at a point where maximum energy can be extracted. In this project a Parabolic dish is used a reflector. At the Focal point where maximum energy is concentrated, a collector is placed. Here the collector is a vessel with a inlet and outlet for continuous flow of fluid used. The Fluid in vessel is Molten Salt which is used for thermal storage. Thermal Storage helps the use of Thermal energy in non-sunny days. A motorized setup helps this setup to follow sun and have more efficiency. As this setup uses Natural resource for Creation of Thermal Energy, it can be an alternative and used for many other Industrial purposes.

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