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Optimum Design and Analysis of Centrifugal Pump Impeller

Author : Nihal A. Mujavar 1 Prof. Eknath Kurhe 2 Madhav N. Mugle 3 Lakshman B. More 4 Vinay V. Pagar 5

Date of Publication :13th August 2021

Abstract: Centrifugal pump is very essential equipment and very useful for water pumping for domestic as well as agriculture purpose. Impeller is heart of centrifugal pump. This paper revolves around the concept of optimize and efficient design of centrifugal pump impeller using simulation software ANSYS and other suitable software. Performance parameter like head, rotational speed, pressure distribution, pump efficiency will compare by analysis.

Reference :

    1. P. O. Babaloala, J. E. Omada, O. Kilando, S.O.Banjo, O. Ozuor (2019), Performance evaluation of a Centrifugal pump with different impeller materials J. Physics : conf. ser. 1378 022091
    2.  Ferah Selamat , Wan Hariz Iskandar Wan IZHAN, (January 2018), Design and analysis of centrifugal pump impeller for performance enhancement

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