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Design & Analysis of Helical Coil Heat Exchanger

Author : Vidula Vishnu Suryawanshi 1 Nikhil Ghodake 2 Onkar Patil 3 Sham Lomate 4 Shital.G.Nerkar 5

Date of Publication :13th August 2021

Abstract: Heat exchanger are important engineering system with wide variety of application including power plants, refrigeration and air conditioning system, heat recovery system, nuclear reactors, chemical processing and food industries Working towards the goal of saving energies and to make concise design for mechanical and chemical devices and plants, heat transfer play major role in design of heat exchangers. In this research its aims to perform a numerical study of helical coil Shell heat exchanger with water as both hot and cold fluid. To improve the effectiveness, D/d geometrical parameter will be varied for different boundary conditions. The impact of this modification on Cold water temperature, Hot water temperature, Cold water velocity, Hot water velocity, Reynolds number, with respect to D/d will also be studied.

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