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Design and Simulation of Solar Powered Vapour Compression Refrigeration System

Author : Chaitanya G. Balinavar 1 Rohan N. Bhairavkar 2 Stanzin Lotos 3 Shubham G. Bhumkar 4 Dr.Vijay W. Bhatkar 5

Date of Publication :13th August 2021

Abstract: Due to the growing concern and awareness of environmental issues among the scientific community, power generation from renewable energy sources, particularly solar energy has become significantly important for the last few decades. Solar energy is abundantly available in India hence, it has a high potential to use as an alternative to non-renewable energy sources.Refrigerated storage, which is believed to be best method for storing the fruits and vegetablesin fresh form, is not available in rural or remote locations where grid electricity is almost not available.So, without having a conventional energy source at these areas, the present study was taken upto design and fabricate Solar powered VCR system.In this system electrical energy has been replaced with solar energy which will reduce the consumption of high grade electrical energy. It consists of solar panel, Lead-acid battery, inverter, charge controller and VCR system. We have selected all the solar components by calculating its capacities as per the capacity of compressor used for VCR system. VCR calculations have been done using Coolpack software which is an user friendly software.VCR system is simulated using Aspen Hysys v11 software and the desired results were obtained. Solar PV panel system is simulated using Matlab/Simulink software from which current and power curves were obtained for different values of irradiance at a constant temperature.

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