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Alternative Material Selection and Analysis of Solar Panel Mounting Structure

Author : Sumit Kangane 1 Sumedh Kirve 2 Sumedha Thorat 3 Bhagyashree Tanpure 4 Panvanraj Khade 5

Date of Publication :13th August 2021

Abstract: One of the applications of using solar energy is photovoltaic systems. So in order to install a durable photovoltaic system that will last for over a desirable period of time and work efficiently, selecting the most suitable components is crucial. Although it represents only a small proportion of the overall construction, the mounting system carries a heavy responsibility, providing the necessary support for the most important and expensive part of the system – the solar modules. Thus the paper brings forth various alternative materials to the conventional ones, loads the structure is subjected to, design and analysis of the structure using CAD, ANSYS and STAAD Pro and then the cost analysis of the same.

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