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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Design and Analysis of Mass Flow Measurement Unit for Supersonic inlet

Author : Chinta Venkat Sai 1 Bhargav Yedla 2 Siva Surya Narayana Podipireddy 3 Vasanthakumar P 4

Date of Publication :21st October 2021

Abstract: A numerical study was carried out to determine the mass flow rate of a typical supersonic inlet using Venturi Meter setup as the Mass flow Measurement Unit. The mass flow rate of the intake is a characteristic flow property that determines the thrust developed by the engine. The concept of determining the mass flow rate in the supersonic regime is quite complex without any compensation in the measurement. A Venturi meter was designed and carried out simulation to make the flow incompressible in the settling chamber and to prevent this complexity. The flow properties can be easily measured if the flow is incompressible using the most straightforward formulae. The results from the CFD analysis are validated with the theoretical ones.

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