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Experimental Investigation of Effects of Rice Sheath Aggregate Mix With In Fly Ash Bricks Composition

Author : Purnendra Kumar Sahu 1 Sewan Das Patle 2

Date of Publication :21st October 2021

Abstract: Bricks are most important construction material .now a day various bricks composition available for better strength and thermal comfort for building. We are focus on local area agriculture waste (rice sheath) aggregate mixing with fly ash bricks composition. It helps to cost cutting and use of agriculture waste and give thermal comfort. Recycling such wastes by utilizing them into building materials is a moderate solution for the pollution issues. The main aim of the work is to manufacture fly ash bricks with mixing rice sheath aggeregate.The composition of fly ash bricks are fly ash, sand, and cement. In this work RSA mix with portion 0%, 15%, 20%, 35%. Experimental result like water absorption, compressive test and thermal conductivity show that mixing of agriculture waste RSA is good for bricks composition and building.

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