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Prediction of Shear Strength Parameters from the Compressive Strength of Grouted Sandy Soils

Author : Sekhar, A.C 1 Santhosh Kumar 2 T.G 3 Benny Mathews Abraham 4

Date of Publication :22nd November 2021

Abstract: Grouting is normally undertaken to increase the strength of loose sandy soil formations. Determination of shear strength of these grouted sandy soils is very difficult and is a time-consuming process. But on the other hand, the determination of compressive strength is comparatively easy. In this paper, an attempt has been made to correlate the compressive strength and shear strength of grouted sandy soil. Compressive strength tests and direct shear tests were conducted on a series of samples prepared at different cement contents. The correlation developed between the Shear strength and the Compressive strength will be very much useful to the researchers and the field engineers to estimate the shear strength parameters of these hard soils from the Compressive strength

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