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Effect of Cement Content on Swelling Properties of Bentonite

Author : Sekhar.A.C 1 Abraham. B.M 2

Date of Publication :30th November 2021

Abstract: For the construction of foundations in weak grounds, the engineering properties of foundation soil is to be improved. Grouting is one of the effective methods for improving the engineering property of the soil. Cement is most widely used as the grout material for the sandy soil formation. Cement improves the strength and make the sand formation impermeable. If the permeability reduction is the primary objective the use of cement in large quantity cost more. Hence the use of bentonite as additive will give a grout with more effective in the permeability reduction. The swelling property make the bentonite a perfect grout material for reducing the permeability. But the stability of bentonite at higher hydraulic head is questionable. The combination of cement for strength and bentonite for reducing the permeability will be an economical combination for the grouting to reduce the permeability. The presence of cement in bentonite will affect the swelling property of the bentonite. This paper evaluates the presence of cement content in the swelling property of bentonite.

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