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Comparative studies of infiltration at Coastal Districts for better management practices

Author : Prashantha 1 Sandeep J Nayak 2 Shridhar Yellurkar 3

Date of Publication :30th November 2021

Abstract: In the hydrological cycle, infiltration is one of the ways which precipitation reaching the earth’s surface is disposed of. In recent times the groundwater is getting depleted due to various reasons. This research work aims at augmenting the groundwater recharge in Puttur. Groundwater recharge mainly depend upon infiltration capacity of the soil. Infiltration is the movement of water into the soil from the surface. The water is driven into the porous soil by force of gravity and capillary attraction. The objectives were to analyse the infiltration rates at two districts of coastal Karnataka (in Puttur Dakshina Kannada and Bhatkal in Uttara Kannada) to get overall picture of typical soil infiltration capacity. Even though different models are available for finding infiltration capacity Horton’s model is used in the present analysis and infiltration value are compared with 26 tests. General infiltration capacities are proposed for both the stations. The paper presents results of infiltration tests carried out at 10 sites in Bhatkal regions of Uttar Kannada District, Karnataka and 16 sites of Puttur regions of Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka state. The double ring infiltrometer method was used for measurement of infiltration rates. The study aimed to determine constant infiltration rate at different places in Puttur & Bhatkal and comparing it with infiltration model obtained by Horton’s model. The results shown that the infiltration rate depends upon soil type, Porosity, Bulk density, Temperature and Antecedent moisture content. The infiltration equations help to find the groundwater recharge method.

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