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Within One Envelope: The Future Face of Worship

Author : Ginelle Lopes 1 Sarah Oommen Matthew 2 Meghana S 3 Vidya Srikanth 4

Date of Publication :30th November 2021

Abstract: In a world with various Religions, it is important to create a common ground where diverse groups or individuals can come together as one, interact and grow in harmony while practicing their own individual religions. Such spaces are called Multi-Faith spaces. These spaces are designed to cater to the varying needs of different people and foster a sense of humanity to create a more sustainable lifestyle of acceptance. Multi-faith spaces are commonly seen in airports and other public areas in the form of a single cell. Independent multi faith structures are rare. This research paper focuses on studying the same, in an Indian context to gain an understanding on the connection between the symbolic expression and spirituality in these spaces. This is done with the help of surveys and literature studies of existing examples in India and around the World to help create an informed comparison and understanding. The religions that the paper focuses on are Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. This involves an understanding of the way of worship of each of these religions & the need and relevance of such spaces. The paper ultimately suggests design guidelines to integrate such spaces into society.

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