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Innovative techniques and methods used for an improvement in energy saving in HM World city Bangalore

Author : Ar. Mamata P Gonnagar 1 Ar. Harashalatha Surname 2

Date of Publication :30th November 2021

Abstract: The design of buildings Using advanced designs and construction techniques that reduces heating, cooling, lighting, energy consumption with energy saving devices. The behavior adjustments that have the highest potential for utility energy savings. It can save carbon emission and changing climatic conditions. Day lighting - Natural light is one of the factors within a building as much as possible. Introduction of skylight with passive solar design. Orientation of the building is to be designed to achieve impact from south side ultraviolet rays. Natural air flow- Doors, windows, ventilators are the components of a building which reduces the air conditioning and heating equipments. Landscape – Planting trees and vegetation or installing sun filters on the openings to reduce radiant heat. Vegetative roofing systems can keep water out of a building, reduce storm water run-off, reduce stress on urban sewer systems and decrease run-off related pollution in waterways. Waste management, Energy management, Environmental Management, Water management these systems are helps to enhance energy saving techniques. STP - Sewage treatment plant to be provided to convert recycled water to soft landscaped area. Even this water can be converted after softening plant into use of flushing tanks in WC. Replacing florescent lamp to LED bulbs to produce same light and can have longer times and plentiful lighting. Dry and wet waste is segregated at source. In dry waste recyclable and non recyclable are also separated at source. Rain water harvest management is made compulsory by local and legal authorities. The paper thus deals with the various energy saving concepts which can be incorporated at the time of planning, designing, landscaping. Construction and execution stage to have energy efficiency in buildings

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