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A Review on the Mufflers used in Automotive Vehicles

Author : Ujjal Kalita 1 K.Anjaneyulu 2 Sandip Dey 3 Manpreet Singh 4

Date of Publication :31st December 2021

Abstract: In the 21st century, the automotive industry is booming. A major problem with internal combustion engines (I.C.) is that they are an important cause of noise pollution. It is for this reason that mufflers are used to reduce the noise produced. Although mufflers are not designed to perform any of the main output functions, they are included within the I.C. engines. It is designed as a sound protection device that reduces engine pressure. But mufflers need structure and geometry, if you think the physics behind it are very confusing. The muffler design developed into a repetitive process with trial and error. Recent research in this area has made it possible to do so through analytical and experimental methods. Modern engines are required to have more engine electricity and also are required to fulfil the stern pollutants standards. In a car, the exhaust muffler plays an essential position in decreasing the sound of the car, in addition to the experience itself. So as to preserve a preferred noise and at ease ride, the modes of a muffler need to be analyzed. In this study a literature review was performed on all the different aspects that could be taken while designing an exhaust muffler. Here dynamic modal analyses had been purchased using CAE evaluation to determine the mode size, strain and deformation of the exhaust muffler

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