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Experimental Study on Effective Utilization of Solar Energy using Parabolic Trough Collector for Domestic Water Heating

Author : Mohammed Avvad 1 Kiran Kumar B 2 Mohammed Sheizan 3 Abdul Rashid 4 Mohammed Yusuf Hyman 5 Mohammed Ali Jauhar 6

Date of Publication :31st January 2022

Abstract: In recent years, the increasing global interest in environmental protection has resulted in fresh inputs for solar energy usage research. A tremendous amount of research is in progress to limit the usage of conventional sources of energy and exploit the solar energy for various applications. In this paper, a simple solar parabolic trough collector (PTC) is proposed, which can be used to generate hot water and steam, thus the power. It is expected to overcome the limitations of conventional solar collectors, which includes heat loss and lower efficiency. A solar PTC was designed, fabricated, and experimental tests were conducted in different conditions to evaluate its characteristics. Based on the recorded data, the efficiency of the solar PTC was calculated at different times of the day, on different days. The highest thermal efficiency, with approximately 500 ml (0.45 kg) per hour of water, was about 64%, with a maximum temperature of 62 °C at the peak time of one of the days. The amount of heat absorbed by the water was as high as 48 kJ per hour on a particular day. The paper also highlights the difference between the peak efficiency and the average efficiency on a particular day due to varying solar intensity.

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