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Analysis of single and Multi span Slab Bridges using CSi Bridge Software

Author : Supreetha YL 1 Suraj Shet 2 Sagar S 3

Date of Publication :28th February 2022

Abstract: Bridges are authoritative to one and all and which are the most prerequisites of the transportation system but they are likely to fail if its structural insufficiencies are not recognized. And also, Every structure can be analyzed with by static method as well as the dynamic method by Selecting a suitable analysis method whereas this is influenced by a various number of factors. Namely, the purpose of analysis, the importance of the structure, various methods obtainable for analysis, type of the bridge or type of structure and soil conditions as well as soil-structure interaction. To overcome this problem, the paper aims to carry out the analysis of single and multi-span RC Slab Bridge with static and dynamic analysis. CSI bridge software has been used to analyze the Reinforced concrete slab Bridge

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