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Manufacturing of Brick by Waste Plastic

Author : Anubhav Verma 1 Abhay Srivastava 2 Brijesh Kumar Ray 3 Deepak Yadav 4

Date of Publication :10th June 2022

Abstract: Nowadays due to development and urbanization, plastic becomes a part of our daily life. The only flaw is it is non-biodegradable and it takes thousands of years to breakdown or to decompose. This study elaborates the work done by the writer to use plastic as a construction material to replace the clay brick as well as to find a way to effectively utilize the waste plastic. Plastic waste has recyclable characteristics that may be used to recycle it and create a new product that has lesser environmental effect. One way to recycle plastic trash is to make plastic bricks by combining plastic with sand at a particular temperature and using them to replace regular clay bricks. Various authors conducted a comparison study with masonry bricks made of other materials using various testing methods such as scratch testing, water absorption test, porosity testing, soundness testing, scratch testing, efflorescence testing, and concluded that more research in this field could improve the durability, strength, and quality of these masonry plastic bricks. We observe that these plastic bricks are light weighted which absorbs very less amount of water or near to minimal water absorption which enhances its property and the strength is also much better than clay bricks, nearly double of a clay brick. These plastic bricks can hold two time the weight of concrete of same size if compressed thoroughly.

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