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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Seismic Analysis of Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Column and H Steel Beam of Normal and Reduced Beam Sections

Author : Er. Nimmy Abraham 1 Er. Gopika Moorthy 2 Er. Prashanth Krishnan 3

Date of Publication :17th June 2022

Abstract: A beam-column junction is a structural member that is subjected to transverse bending and axial compression at the same time. H Steel beams are beams that are composed of an H-steel core within a precast concrete beam. Advantage of H steel beam is its high bearing capacity compared to RC columns. Concrete Filled Steel Tubular (CFST) structure consists of hollow steel tube filled with plain or reinforced concrete. They are lighter than RC columns and are safer and dependable in seismic regions. The study is to find the seismic analysis of developed joints between H steel beam and CFST column under cyclic loading and to compare the behavior of those joints of CFST tubes with normal and Reduced Beam Section beams (RBS). The result aims to show a significant seismic behavior in RBS section than the normal beam section in terms of load- displacement hysteresis curve.

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