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Automobile Exhaust Purification System

Author : Dr. Anish M N 1 Abhiraj P 2 Devanand N S 3 Vignesh A 4

Date of Publication :30th June 2022

Abstract: In accordance with globalization, privatization etc., India is the 5th largest auto market in the world. Along with that, India ranks 3rd in carbon emission as per the data of 2020 proving, the total CO2 emission has been increased to 988.6 tonnes per year. Hence, there is a tremendous increase in air pollution. In some cities, 80% of air pollution is from automobile exhaust. Although coming is an era of e-mobility, the immediate transformation from internal combustion engine to electric vehicle seems to be hectic. This is because of many factors such as expense, charging facility, power etc. Analyzing the difficulty in the rapid face change, suitable techniques can be introduced which can purify and reduce the automobile exhaust minimizing the amount of harmful chemicals in it. The chemicals coming after EGR (Exhaust Gas Re-circulation) include CO2, SO2, NO2, CO and hydrocarbons which could generate particulate matter. These contaminants are a threat to the living beings as well as the archaeological monuments. There exists another fact that the arrival of the vehicle scrappage policy may be an unfortunate hit for the owners having vehicles older than 20 years. Due to the harmful exhaust gas, these are to be scrapped even though they have high performance at the scrapping time. Hence, this project discusses various techniques which can be employed to absorb the hazardous pollutants from the exhaust gas before releasing to the atmosphere. The project explains the various experimental methods including catalysis, honeycomb filtering, UV method etc., resulting in the design of an efficient tail gas purification system in a moving vehicle. Hence, through proper research if the project gives a good result in the purification process, this might be an excellent solution for the above addressed problems.

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