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Comparative Study of Various Image Processing Techniques to Detect Cracks in Concrete Structures

Author : N Surya 1 Dr. Alagappan Ponnalagu 2

Date of Publication :1st August 2022

Abstract: Studies in the past have used image processing techniques on quality crack images obtained from open-source databases. The results obtained by using these techniques on such images yielded convincing results. But in an ideal situation, the environment in which the image is captured is often complex and dynamic, which does not guarantee good quality crack images. This study aims to compare the performance of four different image processing techniques used to detect concrete cracks when any crack image taken from a standard camera is used. The image processing techniques that have been considered are namely Wavelet transform, Min-Max Gray Level Discrimination, Super Pixel Segmentation and Nine Element Matrix method. The Otsu segmentation method is used to binarize the image after the images are preprocessed using these techniques, followed by the use of morphological operations to remove noisy spots. It was observed that Min-Max Gray Level Discrimination performed relatively better than the other techniques.

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