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Methods Used to Enhance the Conversion Efficiency of Exhaust Based Thermoelectric Generator

Author : Devendra Maddheshiya 1 Shivani Rai 2 Vikrant Mishra 3 Prakhar Srivastava 4 Poornima Rajput 5 Pushpendra Kumar 6

Date of Publication :18th May 2022

Abstract: Majority of the current thermal power generation technologies first convert thermal energy into mechanical energy before producing electricity. Thermoelectric Generation Technology therefore, is one of the budding conversion method, which can directly convert low-grade thermal energy into electrical energy by using thermoelectric compounds (materials). But energy generated by such a system is very low making it difficult for implementation.Therefore the focus of this study is to review the basic principle of thermoelectricity and it’s process to convert waste heat from exhaust of automobiles into electricity. Furthermore, the study delves into the methods to enhance the conversion efficiency of automotive exhaust thermoelectric generators.

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