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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Weight Reduction of Air Filter Assembly Using the Composite Material

Author : Aakash Saxena 1 Sharad Agarwa 2

Date of Publication :22nd June 2022

Abstract: Air filtering systems are inevitable part of a controlled volume vessel and its vitality increases with increasing on-board time. However, using bulking CF filters adds to add weight of vessel which further decreases the efficiency of the air filter. For the present work, composite material made from E-glass, silenka with honeycomb structure is chosen. The study involves the generation of the 3D model on Solid- works and then performing the analysis on the model using ANSYS 2019R1 software. A new composite material using honeycomb structure of E-glass, Silenka laminate is generated which is effective in cost saving as well as delivers good results against stresses. The composite laminate was successfully implemented on to the 3D model generated with weight reduction approach, the 45.86% of the dead -weight is reduced which would be very effective to raise the efficiency of the submarine and other industrial plant.With comparative strength approach, 55.78% increment in the tensile strength is achieved in computational analysis, impact test shows 2.28%, 25.90% and -82.13% change (for respective maximum values) in Max. deformation (mm), Equivalent Stress and Equivalent Elastic Strain during impact test as compared to Stainless steel using ansys.

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