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Synthesis and Characterization of Syntacticfoam

Author : Rajan Singh 1 Gaurav Kumar 2 Harsh Sachan 3 Avadesh K Sharma 4

Date of Publication :8th July 2022

Abstract: 'syntactic' means 'putting together'. A composite material synthesized by putting a metal or polymer or a ceramic matrix with hollow spheres (microballoons). This composite material known as syntactic foam. It is used in the field where weight is a constrain as well as it is used for the purpose of energy absorption and for the purpose of heat resistant. Submarines, aircrafts where weight is constrained but also energy absorption capability of the material is a necessity factor. Microballoons have a drawback of low mechanical properties, so to overcame this limitation microballoons are filled with filler materials. This project focuses on the study of different syntactic foam and todetermine their behaviour and characteristics. Also find the different mechanical properties (stress,strain,fracture point, yield).

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