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Comparative Study of Stress Analysis on Connecting Rod Using FEM

Author : Akash Kumar Patel 1 Aniket Yadav 2 Ritesh Kumar singh 3

Date of Publication :13th July 2022

Abstract: Lightweight with high strength is the need of an hour. Connecting rod (CR) is necessary component of any engine, either engine is working on the principal of Compression Ignition system or Spark-Ignition system. The production of the connecting rod is done on very large scale due to the necessity of the connecting rod use in new vehicles production and also replacement of connecting rod in older vehicle and it increase exponentially day by day. Connecting rod (CR) is deliver to very large cyclic loading which is multiple of 108 to 109 cycles, there are two type of load are acting under the working of connecting rod (CR) fist one is high compressive load due to the combustion which is undergoes in cylinder and second one is the huge tensile load offered by inertia force. Objective of this research and analysis is to minimize weight of the connecting rod (CR) by changing the materials by epoxy reigns and analyses the behavior of stress distribution by through Finite Element Method (FEM) by using ANSYS 21.1 Firstly prepare a geometrical model of connecting rod of two wheeler bike engine of capacity 100 cc using SOLIDWORKS. This study analyses static load stress analysis of connecting rod (CR), which is building by using material epoxy reign. and simulate it on ANSYS Workbench – 21.1 and obtained the result of maximum stress analysis and verify this value through mathematical data

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