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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 7 , 2022
A Review on Composition & Mechanical Strength of Wrought Aluminum Alloy Series

Author : Divya 1 Kriti Srivastava 2 Shweta Mishra 3

Date of Publication :3rd August 2022

Abstract: Aluminum is one of the majorly used construction & engineering material now a days because of its relatively lower specific weight and corrosion resistance compared to steels or other materials. Besides the weight & corrosion resistance, they are also comparatively easier to machine, form & fabricate. The increased concerns for saving energy and environment has further increased the demand for light weight structure or frames in day to day life applications such as automobile, aerospace and marine industries[1]. Aluminum is an economical (lower in price) and easily produced metal which can be used for equipments & frames bearing high level of stresses & versatile environmental conditions. Aluminum and its alloys have been one of the primary choice for materials used in structural parts of marine, aerospace, military, construction sectors for more than hundred of years. Further advancement in its properties are made to enhance their properties further as per specific engineering requirement.

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