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Comparative Study of the Compressive Strength of Different Composites

Author : Yogesh Tiwari 1 Rishabh Gupta 2 Ankit Dubey 3 Shivam Kumar Tripathi 4 Avadesh K Sharma 5 Rajeev Singh 6

Date of Publication :3rd August 2022

Abstract: The epoxy resin has excellent tensile properties, such as tensile strength and elongation. However, these resins deform extensively under dynamic loading. Therefore, the reinforcement of epoxy is necessary to improve its mechanical properties (tensile and compressive). In the present work, the epoxy is reinforced with glass fiber, carbon fiber and steel mesh. The epoxy-based composites are fabricated by mixing and moulding process. The compression testing shows that the epoxy-based composites reinforced with different fibers have enhanced mechanical properties than unreinforced epoxy. The composites are reinforced with 10 wt. % steel mesh shows the highest strength of 123. 58 MPa compared to the strength of bare epoxy (71.80 Mpa).

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