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Recent developments in the design of Hybrid Photovoltaic–Thermoelectric Generators: A Review

Author : Princy Mishra 1 O. P. Singh 2 A. K. Katiyar 3

Date of Publication :1st September 2022

Abstract: Photovoltaic cells do not convert sufficient amount of solar irradiation into electrical energy. A big amount of solar irradiation is unexploited in the form of thermal energy in case of solar photovoltaic energy conversion system. To make this conversion more efficient and effective, Hybrid photovoltaic and thermoelectric system (PV-TEG) can be used. In this system, there are two types of energy conversion involved. First is converting energy of solar irradiation into electricity by means of photovoltaic system and other is the conversion of waste heat of PV system into electricity via Thermoelectric Generator (TEG). Moreover, hybrid PV-TEG system is environmentally responsive and has no harmful impacts on environment. Hybrid PV-TEG system upturns the total dependability without degrading the quality of power produced. In this manuscript, summary of the prior works regarding progress of technological innovation in the hybrid PV-TEG structures is discussed. The scope for future work in utilizing this technology is also discussed.

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