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Refrigeration Effect using Waste Heat Recovery from Vehicles

Author : Rajeshkanna Rohit 1 Ellapu Kusumakar 2 Virothu Vishnu Teja 3 Patri Achyutananda 4 Bheemaneni Lokesh Anudeep 5

Date of Publication :10th September 2022

Abstract: The internal combustion engine was a dominant prime mover in the current world with a disadvantage of lower efficiency and higher emissions. Major developments are going to increase the efficiency of the engine and reduce emissions. This project is conducted to improve the efficiency indirectly by recovering the waste heat from the exhaust of the vehicles. Nearly 80 percent of the heat is lost from the exhaust. The exhaust gases are expanded through the gas turbine and this is utilized to run the dynamo and to produce the electrical power to run the VCR cycle. This waste heat is recovered to produce the refrigeration effect in the vehicle. This waste heat recovering system is equipped with the gas turbine in the dynamo set up to produce the electrical power by expanding the exhaust gas through the turbine and utilizing the electrical power to run the VCR system

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