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Study of Presence of Microplastic in Vicinity of Kuntbhyog Lake, Rewalsar Lake and Suketi River Which is A Tributary of Beas River, Mandi. Himachal Pradesh, India

Author : Kapil Dev 1 Dr. M. R. Sharma 2 Dr. Madhu Sharma 3 Surabhi 4 Prashant Thakur 5

Date of Publication :1st October 2022

Abstract: The analysis, prevention, and removal of microplastic (MP) pollution in water is identified as one of the major problems that the world is currently facing. Microplastics can be directly released into water when microplastics are formed by the degradation of bigger plastics. Based on the existing studies, the characterization of microplastics in water is still one of the remaining challenges because they can be easily confused with organic or other types of matter. So, this study was conducted to determine the presence of microplastics in surface water and soil in the vicinity of Kuntbhyog lake, Rewalsar lake, and Suketi river. The samples from the lakes and river were collected in the month of March, 2021. The microplastics were isolated from the surface water and soil samples by using various processes. Microplastics were sorted visually according to their shapes and colours after being examined under microscope. The most abundant particles found in the study were flakes and fragments. This study provides an insight into the types of microplastics found in water bodies as mentioned above and, therefore, further actions needed to be taken to curb the distribution of microplastics in the ecosystem from threatening the food chain of creatures below water and also human health.

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