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A Decision Support Tool for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Author : Myeong-Ho Yeo 1 2

Date of Publication :15th October 2022

Abstract: This paper proposes an integrated modeling tool for assessing climate change impacts on extreme rainfalls and the consequent hydrologic responses. The supporting tool is based on the combination of a spatial downscaling method for describing the association between the large-scale atmospheric variables and daily precipitation series at a local site and a temporal downscaling method for linking daily annual maximum precipitations (AMPs) and sub-daily AMPs. The feasibility test is carried out using the historical AMP series available at Ottawa station (Canada) for cold region and Saipan International Airport (CNMI) for tropical region with three second-generation Canadian Earth System Model (CanESM2) and two scenarios of the Canadian Regional Climate Model (CanRCM4). In brief, the updated IDF curves provided by the proposed assessment tool can be used for various climate-related impact assessment studies for given regions.

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