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Performance Study of SBR with the Evaluation of Recovering Phosphorous and Nitrogen from Domestic Wastewater in Puducherry Region

Author : Aishwariya R.P 1 Saravanane.R 2 Govindaradjane.S 3

Date of Publication :15th October 2022

Abstract: For the growth of plants and the production of crops, phosphorus and nitrogen are crucial. While nitrogen is limited in soils, it is abundant (78%) in the atmosphere as gas that is exceedingly steady and non-reactive N2.Whereas, the last few decades; there has been a growing awareness of the finite nature of phosphorus resources, as well as the significance of phosphorus recovery. In plants, phosphorus is a limiting factor. As a result, it is a significant component of fertilizers. Fertilizer industry processes the major part of the mined phosphate rock. Because phosphorus is non -renewable, it is critical to ensure that the amount of phosphorus fertilizer available in the future is sufficient to ensure a stable supply of food for the world's growing population. Nitrogen and phosphorus have emerged as major contributors to the eutrophication of receiving waterways. As a result, more rigorous environmental laws are implemented to reduce their discharges, generating an urgent need. There is a need for technical methods to improve nutrient removal and nutrient recovery in the current secondary wastewater treatment plants, removal (WWTPs). The obtained test result of ‘N’ and ‘P’ which are outlet chlorinated samples 9.6mg/l and 1.6mg/l. Hence the need for nutrient recovery, the strain on reactive nitrogen and phosphorus production is reduced, resulting less nitrogen and phosphorus entering the environment that is reactive. It could result in greater fertilizers use and less negative environmental impact. The Nation’s total consumption of Phosphorous in all sector are 8808.99 Million Kg /year has been estimated. The study results of the cost comparison between struvite fertilizer and conventional fertilizer show that struvite fertilizer is more affordable than other conventional fertilizer.

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