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Comparative Performance Analysis on Newly Design CI to SI Single Cylinder Engine

Author : Ajay vardhan 1 R S Rajput 2 A C Tiwari 3 Ravindra Randa. 4

Date of Publication :2nd November 2022

Abstract: This paper presents a modified design of single cylinder CI engine to a SI mode. Most of the modification required pilot fuel to start the engine. After modify the design analysis has to be done on the modified engine then the comparative analysis of result show that newly design engine perform well in petrol as well as gas (LPG) mode and also found that the conversion also very easy and quickly without need any expert and slightly change make engine work on SI mode. Result Show that the performance analysis is carried out for various engine parameters like total fuel consumption (TFC), Brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) and Brake thermal efficiency (BTE) for various load conditions. The experimental analysis is performed and comparative result show that efficiency was increases in both the case gasoline as well as LPG.

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