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An Investigation and Optimization of Electro Discharge Machining on Hastelloy C-276

Author : Arup Datta 1 Johnson Debbarma 2 Sudip Bhowmik. 3

Date of Publication :26th December 2022

Abstract: The correct selection of manufacturing conditions is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration in the majority of manufacturing processes and particularly in the processes related to Electro Discharge Machining (EDM). EDM is capable of machining geometrically complex or hard material components, that are difficult-to-machine such as heat treated tool steels, composites, super alloys, ceramics, carbides, heat resistant steels etc. The present work is related to investigation of the effects of machining parameters such as current, pulse on time and pulse off time on the material removal rate (MRR) and surface roughness during Electro Discharge Machining of Hastelloy C-276 using a cylindrical shape copper electrode. Fuzzy logic based Genetic Algorithm has been used for parametric optimization of the process.

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