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A Simplified Procedure to Estimate Effects of Soil Lumps on Some Properties of Compacted Soil

Author : N Sangtian 1 T. Thaveevouthti 2 W.Puatatsananon 3 C. Viratjandr 4 5

Date of Publication :12th April 2023

Abstract: The present research attempt to propose a testing methodology, some preliminarily test results and data interpretation method to estimate effects of soil lumps on properties of compacted soil. Lumps of soil with various dimensions, from smaller than 1.18 mm to 37.5mm, are prepared and each dimension of soil lump is compacted with OMC to a cylindrical soil sample which is then compared with the sample obtained from conventional standard compaction test in which all soil lumps are thoroughly broken up before mixing with OMC (ASTM D698 – 12). Therefore effects of the soil lumps with several dimensions on moisture content distribution, dry density and strength of the compacted soil can be investigated. Eventually, data interpretation to estimate effects of lumps on properties of compacted soil is introduced for further application of soil compaction quality control.

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