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Design and Development of Powertrain for Front Wheel Drive Electric Tadpole

Author : Sameer Joshi 1 Uday Kumar MS 2 Samartha S 3 Sai Sampath Goutham Jangala 4 S.S Patil. 5

Date of Publication :15th April 2023

Abstract: With the need for a compact transportation system, the three-wheelers have evolved over the years, and in future, we can see these tadpoles in commercial aspects. These are electrified as IC Engine-based three-wheelers have been contributing excessively towards air pollution, and the efficiency of the electric tadpole is more. The primary aim is to develop a powertrain for a front-wheel drive electric tadpole-type vehicle. The tadpole configuration has many advantages over the delta types, as the tadpole provides more stability during cornering and braking. Tadpole provides us similar esteem of driving a car and also the compactness of a three-wheeler. Tadpole provides us similar esteem of driving a car and also the compactness of a three wheeler[11]. Here, we have set a few performance parameters, calculated the torque and power required from MATLAB and Simulink, and found the different types of resistive forces that a tadpole needs to overcome to move. Based on this, we have selected the motor specifications and the battery capacity[12]. Using these parameters, we have procured various powertrain components like a motor, battery pack, controller, gearbox, drive shaft, throttle pedal, power cable, phase cables and wiring harness. After procuring the powertrain components, we have fabricated and integrated the components with the tadpole vehicle.

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